Europa League – Sun Xingyao Jiangong Bell’s spot spurs were tied 3-3 in stoppage time_ Ball

At 1:55 a.m. on December 4, Beijing time, the focus of the fifth round of the Europa League group stage in 2020-2021 season was opened at Leif Eisen stadium, where spurs played the Austrian super team Linz. In the first half, Johannes eggstein shot the middle post, Michael shot the goal from a long distance, and bell leveled the score. In the second half, ndong Belle assisted sun Xingfu to surpass the score, Johannes eggstein shot to equalize the score, belwin made a point, Ali fired a shot, karamoco equalized the score in stoppage time. After all, spurs away 3-3 draw Linz, an early round to determine the elimination round. The first 6 minutes, Johannes – eggstein front court left inside cut after the right foot pocket shot, the ball hit the far end of the column pop-up. The first 15 minutes, bell with the ball on the right, facing two people wrapped defense, flash and move, with the production of dangerous cross. The first 21 minutes, goggig restricted area left with the ball under the bottom of the inverted triangle return, Renna slightly adjusted after the left foot long shot, the ball was saved by Joe Hart. The first 30 minutes, Johannes – eggstein arc top sent a delicate straight, Reina left foot stab shot in the restricted area, the ball was counterattacked by Joe Hart with the body. In the 31st minute, spurs got a set piece in the front court. Bell took the penalty and chose to shoot directly. The ball was blocked by the wall. Bell then made up the shot, but the ball was blocked by the wall again. In the 42nd minute, after receiving the pass from his teammates on the left in the front court, Michelle stopped the ball with his right foot and shot hard with his left foot. The ball hit the ground and went straight into the dead corner of the goal, 1-0! In the first half of stoppage time, Lucas made a triangle pass with the ball on the left side of the restricted area. Ndong Bailey shot the ball with his right foot at the penalty spot. Andrade blocked the ball with his hand. The referee decided to award the penalty kick, and Bell’s left foot penalty was easy to break the goal, 1-1! In the second half, both sides changed sides to fight again. In the 56th minute, ndong Bailey midfield sent out the accurate straight plug, sun Xingyao high-speed inserted into the right side of the restricted area to form a single knife, then from the right foot low shot far angle, 2-1! In the 64th minute, loessel sent a wonderful straight shot from the midfield. Bell quickly inserted and hit the right side of the forbidden area. It was a pity that sun Xingfu ran too far forward and the ball crossed the door. The 70th minute, karamoco arc top receives the teammate to cross knock, the right foot low shot, the ball slightly deviates from the left column. The 84th minute, Johannes – eggstein on the forbidden area line left foot strong shot, the ball hanging straight to the bottom left corner into the net, 2-2! The 86th minute, belwin production penalty, Ali penalty easy shot, 3-2! In stoppage time, Linz equalized the score, and kalamoko, who was on the bench, blasted an international wave from the top of the arc. The ball went into the net from a dead angle, 3-3! After all, spurs away 3-3 draw Linz, an early round to determine the elimination round. Two side approach formation: Tottenham (4-2-3-1): 12 Joe Hart / 2-dortti, 6-davidson-sanchez, 25 tanganga, 33 Ben Davis / 5-hebe, 18 rosselso (15-dell 71 ‘) / 28 ndong Belle (23-belwin 64’), 9-bell (24-oriye 82 ‘), 27 little Lucas (17-sissoko 64’) / 7-sun Xingju (20-ali 82 ‘) Linz (3-4-3): 1-schrager / 6-wiesingh, 25 Holland, 30 Andrade / 26 Lambert, 7-renner, 21 Madsen, 10 Mishael / 17 grubil (11-wright 69 ‘), 13 Johannes eggstein, 27 goggig (9-kalamoko 69’), skill calculation on both sides:


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